2022 Isolde Venrooy - Macrobes
Commissioned by Isolde , I made three costumes in the form of microbes, which can be worn. It is possible to fold them into a travel bag so you can take a walk, then unfold them and go inside wherever you want.

More info about this work, text by isolde; 
“The work MACROBES consists of costumes in the form of microbes, except two metres long. The costumes are dyed using plant-based indigo dye and the Indonesian batik (wax-resist) method. It’s possible fold them up in a travel bag so that you can go on a walk, then unfold them and get inside wherever you please. MACROBES invites us to better appreciate our entanglement with these companions.
It’s not surprising that we take our body shape and size as a starting point for our perception – it’s our main point of reference. We form theories that suit us, that we can embody. But what if this person-in-the-world perspective is an interpretation that has holes in it? We often see ourselves as a self-contained entity, an individual. But we are walking assemblages of speakers at the micro and macro level. We are intermediate beings, symbionts, living together with all kinds of other entities.
MACROBES was created in collaboration with Wouter Engelbart | Platform DIS & cutter Maya Berkhof.”
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